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Small Treasure Box :: essays research papers

Little Treasure Box      Beneath the shining vibe of the sun, lies water all through the miles, yet the inquiry Pam would pose to herself was what were the truly thought about what might lie underneath the ocean. Watching out of her gallery, into the sea she recalled that there may have been human structures, with simply no legs. For there where legend of years back that they needed to picks between the ocean and land. They had picked the ocean rather then the land for it was more secure out in the water then in land. For what they picked they would enable up to walk yet they got balances so they could swim. The legend her grandmother had disclosed to her made her marvel about numerous things she saw. She became as inquisitive as a feline, she would glance in each side of the house just to what she could discover.  â â â â      She turned out to be increasingly more inquisitive as she got more established. She would glance in drawers and books to perceive what she could find out about every thing she found. On day she was wandering around her home like common, she was strolling so the lobby when she detect a little fortune box made out of wood and abnormal images along the edges in a self. It had appeared to be abnormal to her that she had never observed it. She took it to her father and approached on the off chance that he could open it for her, for it had a slivery and goldish lock on it.      â€Å"Daddy, Daddy look what I found,† said Pam.      â€Å"Oh, hang on a moment honey,† react her dad.      â€Å"Look at this little wooden box that I found, Can you open the lock though† she shouted. Her dad solidified and gazed at the minuscule article his little girl was holding.      â€Å"Oh, dear where did you discover this Pam?†      â€Å"Outside, in the corridor way, the one that prompts the patio.†      â€Å"Pam, guarantee me that whatever individuals state to you, you won’t open this box!† he clarified.      â€Å"Why, daddy. Why can’t I open it and see whats inside? I discovered it. So it has a place to,† She answered irately.      â€Å"Pam, The main thing I am letting you know is that you can’t and won't be opening this container until I have concluded that you can, it that understood?† removing the wooden box from her hands and excusing her.      While leaving her father’s library she remained outside the entryway to spy where her dad was going to conceal it. Little Treasure Box :: papers research papers Little Treasure Box      Beneath the shining impression of the sun, lies water all through the miles, yet the inquiry Pam would pose to herself was what were the truly thought about what might lie underneath the ocean. Watching out of her overhang, into the sea she recollected that there may have been human structures, with simply no legs. For there where legend of years back that they needed to picks between the ocean and land. They had picked the ocean rather then the land for it was more secure out in the water then in land. For what they picked they would enable up to walk yet they got blades so they could swim. The legend her grandmother had revealed to her made her miracle about numerous things she saw. She became as inquisitive as a feline, she would glance in each edge of the house just to what she could discover.  â â â â      She turned out to be increasingly more inquisitive as she got more established. She would glance in drawers and books to perceive what she could find out about every thing she found. On day she was meandering around her home like regular, she was strolling so the lobby when she detect a little fortune box made out of wood and abnormal images along the edges in a self. It had appeared to be peculiar to her that she had never observed it. She took it to her father and approached in the event that he could open it for her, for it had a slivery and goldish lock on it.      â€Å"Daddy, Daddy look what I found,† said Pam.      â€Å"Oh, hang on a moment honey,† react her dad.      â€Å"Look at this little wooden box that I found, Can you open the lock though† she shouted. Her dad solidified and gazed at the minuscule item his little girl was holding.      â€Å"Oh, dear where did you discover this Pam?†      â€Å"Outside, in the lobby way, the one that prompts the patio.†      â€Å"Pam, guarantee me that whatever individuals state to you, you won’t open this box!† he clarified.      â€Å"Why, daddy. Why can’t I open it and see whats inside? I discovered it. So it has a place to,† She answered irately.      â€Å"Pam, The main thing I am letting you know is that you can’t and won't be opening this container until I have concluded that you can, it that understood?† removing the wooden box from her hands and excusing her.      While leaving her father’s library she remained outside the entryway to spy where her dad was going to conceal it.

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Auditor Independence Revisited

1. The principle justification of a review is to offer organization investors with a capable, independent view in regards to if the yearly records of the company uncover a right and sensible perspective on the monetary circumstance of the enterprise and in the event that they can be trusted. Autonomy is the significant route through which an inspector shows that he can do his activity in a goal way (Reynold, Deis, and Francis, 2014).â The examiner must be autonomous from the client organization, all together that the review estimation won't be convinced by any connection among them (Umar and Anandarajan, 2014). The need for freedom comes up in light of the fact that in a ton of cases buyers of budgetary reports and distinctive outsiders don't have satisfactory subtleties or comprehension to realize what is encased in a company’s yearly reports. In this manner, they trust the auditor’s free survey (Gul, Jaggi and Krishnan, 2010). By Sally turning into the CFO, she can impact the assessment of inspectors on whether the monetary reports of the partnership are appropriately made or not. As Sally facilitated the supper, there has been non-appearance of autonomous acts. It is vital that the examiner not just performs autonomously, anyway seems free too. In the event that an examiner is really autonomous, anyway one or extra perspectives propose something else, this might realize the completion that the review report doesn't mean an exact and sensible investigation. Freedom in appearances will decrease the opportunity for a reviewer to continue in any case than autonomously, which at long last joins reliability to the review report (Paterson and Valencia, 2011). 2 . Since Sally has taken the post of Financial Controller in this year at Madeira 3 of the dangers, are: Anandarajan, A., Kleinman, G. also, Palmon, D. (2008). Evaluator autonomy returned with: The impacts of SOX on examiner freedom. Universal Journal of Disclosure and Governance, 5(2), pp.112-125. Blay, A. also, Geiger, M. (2012). Evaluator Fees and Auditor Independence: Evidence from Going Concern Reporting Decisions*. Contemporary Accounting Research, 30(2), pp.579-606. Gul, F., Jaggi, B.L. also, Krishnan, G.V. (2010). Evaluator autonomy: proof on the joint impacts of examiner residency and nonaudit expenses. Evaluating: A Journal of Practice and Theory, 26 (2), 117â€142. Paterson, J.S. also, Valencia, A. (2011). The impacts of repeating and nonrecurring charge, review related, and other nonaudit benefits on evaluator autonomy. Contemporary Accounting Research, 28 (5), 1510-1536. Reynold, J.K., Deis, D.R. what's more, Francis, J.R. (2014). Proficient assistance expenses and inspector objectivity. Examining: A Journal of Practice and Theory, 23 (1), 29â€52. Umar, A. what's more, Anandarajan, A. (2014). Measurements of weights looked by examiners and its effect on auditors’ autonomy. Administrative Auditing Journal, 19 (1), 99-116.

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Revenue Generation for Twitter

Question: Examine about the Revenue Generation for Twitter. Answer: Presentation Twitter is an interpersonal interaction and smaller scale blogging administration that empowers clients to impart each other utilizing the Twitter stage. The strategic the organization is to enable people to make and offer thoughts and data with the world unreservedly. Twitter offers a mechanism of self-articulation and gives a stage to impart comprehensively continuously. The messages or tweets are constrained to 140 characters to help SMS-based informing framework, as the greater part of the clients utilize the administration through cell phones. A client of the administration has the alternative of picking the people or gatherings to follow and this movement can be hilter kilter ( 2016). In this report, the possibility of charging clients of Twitter, the effect of making the stride and overview of procedures to achieve the errand of charging the client will be examined. Twitter should begin charging the utilization of Twitter Twitter, Inc. is a San Francisco based organization that was made by Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass and Jack Dorsey in March 2006. The organization at first began as an undertaking, named twttr, in the podcasting organization Odeo in light of the fact that the space Twitter was involved by a winged creature aficionado. The organization, in any case, assumed control over the area name a couple of months after its dispatch and renamed the administration. The authors framed Obvious Corporations that took over Odeo and its segments. Twitter was fused in Delaware and opened up to the world on 2013 exchanging under the New York Stock Exchange. As indicated by organization reports dated June 2016, the quantity of month to month dynamic clients, or MAUs, is 313 million and 79% of the records in Twitter have a place with clients outside the United States. The organization has 35 workplaces around the globe in which 3860 representatives work universally. Larger part of the clients (89%) get to the administration utilizing cell phones and the administration 40 unique dialects. Clients are not straightforwardly charged for the utilization of the administration. The formation of substance by clients drives in more clients and expands action in the system that draws in more clients and this client base applies a draw on publicists and stage accomplices, thusly producing income for Twitter. Unequivocally, notice is the essential income age strategy for Twitter. As indicated by (BBC News 2016), advancing tweets, records or patterns are the three exchanges of notice an individual or gathering have on twitter. Twitter follows pay-per-click (PPC) web plan of action and charge publicists dependent on the movement their substance produces, including retweets. The need of showed content is another factor for which Twitter charges its sponsors. Other income age action incorporates information permitting. Twitter permits organizations and associations to dissect the information created by its clients, to direct statistical surveying and decipher showcase notions (Rosenthal et al. 2014). As indicated by (Forbes 2016), the plan of action of Twitter is broken in light of the fact that the interests of its partners (clients and publicists) are conflicting. Clients of Twitter or some other help lean toward accepting important substance just, while sponsors need to contact each person. Show of unessential adverts irritates the client that prompts the decrease in the utilization of Twitter, the consequence of which would be the decrease in promoters. Charging the clients for the utilization of Twitter is the main suitable alternative for Twitter to adjust the client experience on Twitter and income age for the organization. Advantages and disadvantages of charging singular client Twitter faces impressive money related loses with its business structure, even with a client base more than 300 million. The organization had an amazing ascent in its client base during the underlying years. The organization has arrived at its immersion point, and the development in clients has been balanced out. The age of income by the organization is subject to its promoters and publicists are to a great extent attracted to the expansion of clients and client exercises on the stage. The ad action additionally should be constrained as expanded adverts would influence the client base of Twitter antagonistically (NASDAQ 2016). Charging the clients of Twitter will have unmistakable impact on the business. The organization will have the option to produce income without depending totally on its sponsors and stage accomplices. The freedom will empower the organization to move its emphasis totally on its clients and upgrade the client experience on the stage. Advancement of the stage will pull in more clients to twitter that will bring about expanded consideration from sponsors. Wide client base and client fulfillment will direct Twitters request among sponsors and produce quality income for the organization. Clients are accustomed to seeing Twitter as a free assistance and causing the administration chargeable will to hit its client base. The effect anyway relies upon the charge forced and the need of Twitter among the clients. An unpretentious actuality to be comprehended is that a client reluctant to pay an ostensible expenses for the utilization of an assistance as Twitter will once in a while be influenced by the ads and consequently isn't significant to the sponsors. The charge will likewise cleanse the stage from flighty clients (Sanghoee 2016). Twitters constant telecom abilities make it a contender of Facebook and Google. Twitter utilizes intrigue charts to comprehend and anticipate client inclinations and gives live input from individual of intrigue. The organization is attempting to upgrade its client base by giving live gushing offices. The organization paid $10 million to claim the privileges of live spilling the National Football League (NFL) of the United States. This action should prod the client base of Twitter and offer the organization new clients. Offices of this size will pull in more clients and the current client base won't be influenced by an ostensible charge. Proposals Charging an online help has various methodologies and Twitter has various alternatives to pick. The recognizable proof of the fitting charging component that is appropriate for its business and lined up with its client necessities is imperative. Month to month or yearly membership charge Month to month or yearly membership charge is the most widely recognized and helpful up-and-comer. Clients will pay an occasional membership charge in this technique, so as to profit the administration for the period. The charge may incorporate factor like economy of the district and prominence of the application. The straightforwardness of the charging instrument makes it the most great strategy. On request charge/Charge per tweet On request charge or charge per tweet is another applicant. Clients will pay for the quantity of tweets they post. This procedure has the additional favorable position of keeping the stage clean from unimportant substance and the most applicable and significant substance will be accessible on the web (Khraim 2015). Charging the supporters A huge amount of Twitter clients are keen on following certain people or client gatherings. Charging the adherents offers a huge possibility of producing income. Profiles of big names, legislators and pioneers have an immense number of devotees, as Twitter offers constant channels. This office, in any case, is free. Upkeep of the traffic, be that as it may, acquires cost from the companys end. Promotion free Twitter Another charging strategy is to let a client have an advertisement free encounter at a cost. This offers the client the choice to look over a superior client experience or a free utilization of administration with adverts. All the procedures offer individual possibilities and their joining relies upon the business technique of Twitter and its client inclinations. End Twitter offers a colossal potential with its straightforward structure and worldwide reach. The possibility of arriving at a huge number of individuals continuously is the establishment of Twitters achievement. Charging the client for the utilization of Twitter will empower the organization to be monetarily autonomous from its publicists and stage accomplices; yet charging the client has the possibility of influencing the client base of Twitter straightforwardly. The execution of the charging procedure ought to be slow and attempted simply in the wake of understanding the conclusions of its clients and examination of the market.The administration anyway is totally reliant on its clients. The loss of client base will be the finish of Twitter. This part of the business makes the arrangement of Twitters monetary necessities with its client advantages, basic. The organization has a splendid future in the event that it can adjust to advertise necessities and embrace well-suited techniques all the while. References Utilizing Interest Graphs to Predict Rich-Media Diffusion in Content-Based Online Social Networks. (2015). (2016).Company | About. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Nov. 2016]. BBC News. (2016). How does Twitter bring in cash? - BBC News. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Nov. 2016]. (2016).Forbes Welcome. [online] Available at: debut-start link cutting-avid supporters/#60c076f31c0d [Accessed 28 Nov. 2016]. (2016).Forbes Welcome. [online] Available at: expense/#3a318c3162f2 [Accessed 28 Nov. 2016]. (2016).Forbes Welcome. [online] Available at: of action stays broken-stock-cost excessively high/2/#42aa7dd5533a [Accessed 28 Nov. 2016]. Khraim, H.S., 2015. The Effect of Using Pay Per Click Advertisement on Online Advertisement Effectiveness and Attracting Customers in E-showcasing Companies in Jordan.International Journal of Marketing Studies,7(1), p.180. (2016).TWITTER, INC. (TWTR) IPO. [online] Available at: public offerings/organization/twitter-inc-763922-73652 [Accessed 28 Nov. 2016]. NA

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The Fundamentals of Annie Dillards Healing Vision Samples Essay Revealed

The Fundamentals of Annie Dillard's Healing Vision Samples Essay Revealed Annie Dillard's Healing Vision Samples Essay Features The most important purpose of this statement in the provider is internal to assess the business key and business success and stockholders and team of leader. On the flip side, visionary goals are objectives a company made a decision to attain later on. Reflect on the most critical ideas, event, and company statements that mold your whole business enterprise. In summary, a provider's vision statement is of extreme vital for the survival and growth of any sort of business. Annie Dillard's Healing Vision Samples Essay Help! Alpha also serves in the range of this vision. Mission statement indicates the precise function of the organization. Essentially a mission statement defines the appropriate aim and activities of the company which is extremely crucial for its vision. The Ultimate Annie Dillard's Healing Vision Samples Essay Trick Sustaining high b lood glucose levels can be damaging to overall well-being. Furthermore, people's vision centers on a specific cause, which can be eradication of a particular disease or some kind of human suffering. It gives a foundation for healing and directly influences ones capacity to fulfill the challenges caused by illness and chronic diseases. Consider a little bit of reading therapy for yourself as a way to cope with vision loss. The personal essay is among the most common sorts of writing assignment--and not just in freshman composition courses. You've collated a whole lot of info in your vision board. The dance-point system employs raw step values to set the grade. By making use of a vision board, obviously! Following that, you can make a decision as to what actions to takeknowing the complete assortment of alternatives you've got. It lowers the access to fresh food and water. There's no demand for changing clothes or distinctive equipment. The very first sub phase of granulat ion procedure is fibroplasia. Ok, I Think I Understand Annie Dillard's Healing Vision Samples Essay, Now Tell Me About Annie Dillard's Healing Vision Samples Essay! Ask these questions before going to sleep. Self examination is also crucial, as it assists in determining how much a man or woman is going to be focused on their hopes. If you're losing your vision, one of your best concerns might be the chance which you can no longer read. Instead, enable the questions to percolate in your thoughts. What's Truly Going on with Annie Dillard's Healing Vision Samples Essay To begin with I should ask where folks stand on capital punishment. Thus, it must be mentioned that hope functions as a force in our lives, and it's essential that folks possess it, because the challenges advanced by life cannot be overcome if hope isn't inculcated. It is vital that individuals observe their past and future aspiration to acquire their hopes alive. A lot of people tell themselves they can't visu alize or it doesn't get the job done for them. Top Annie Dillard's Healing Vision Samples Essay Secrets This essay will identify and talk about the vital structure and functions of main areas of the eye. There are not any side effects and it's scientifically explained. In contrast, without a personal vision, you could wind up in the stress cycle in which you experience more burnout and frequently feel like your efforts are wasted and lack meaning. With these examples, you're prepared to create your personal vision. What Everybody Dislikes About Annie Dillard's Healing Vision Samples Essay and Why Although, it's not simply the eye involved with vision, the brain also plays an integral part in how we see and interep the world. Later, angiogenesis occurs. Remind yourself that this process doesn't need to yield an ideal vision.

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Penicillin Essay - 524 Words

Penicillin was accidentally discovered at St. Marys Hospital, London in 1929 by Dr. Alexander Fleming. As test continued, Fleming began to realize that he was on the verge of a great discovery. However, he still did not know the identity of the fungus, and had little knowledge of fungi. His crude extracts could be diluted 1,000 times and still be effective in killing bacteria. After years of working on penicillin and going nowhere, many of his co-workers grew tired of hearing about it. The first real test for penicillin came when a 48-year-old police officer nicked himself shaving. After a time, Alexanders face became infected and he developed a temperature. When he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors believed that he had only hours†¦show more content†¦Penicillin brought about the biggest search in medical history. It was reasoned that if there was one antibiotic in nature, there must be many more, and there were. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;If anything should be taken off of the Basic’s List, it should be Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is simply survival of the fittest. This a simple view, and is not practiced much very often. Penicillin on the other hand, has saved thousands, if not millions of lives, and started its own medical revolution to seek for new cures to other things as well. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;World War II turning points are much more important than penicillin. If there were not any breaks for the American troops, then there would have been many more lives lost in the war than needed. Possibly, there would be more lives lost in the fighting than saved by penicillin in its fist two decades of public use. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Penicillin has helped save many lives throughout the years. It has cured things like strep throat, which many people have had in their lives, syphilis, and gonorrhea. It also sparked a new wave ofShow MoreRelatedThe Discovery of Penicillin1750 Words   |  7 Pageshard for our civilization to appreciate the medical advancements we have today due to the invention of penicillin, the medical miracle. Penicillin was considered the miracle cure when it was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928 and it saved several lives including our soldiers but have we abused this medical miracle? However, it is imperative for our civilization to understand how penicillin was invented, the war it saved, and the resistance that it has sir come. Alexander Fleming was bornRead MorePreparation of Penicillin3751 Words   |  16 PagesIV. MATERIALS AND METHODS Process Description The classical penicillin production process is an aerobic fermentation in fed batch fermenters made with some Penicillium strains, usually Penicillium chrysogenum (Nielson, 1997) that transforms substrates rich in carbohydrates into penicillin. As with other antibiotic production processes (Cunha et al., 2002), the penicillin process operated at antibiotics involves four stages. The incubation of the culture strain provides the seed that grows inRead MorePenicillin : A Class Of Drugs1255 Words   |  6 Pagesprescriptions in the United States. ï‚ § A common scheme of classifications for antibiotics is drawn below: Introduction of penicillin: ï‚ § Penicillin are a class of beta-lactam antibiotics. ï‚ § Penicillin was the first antibiotic discovered from the mold Penicillium notatum in 1928 by Alexander Fleming at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, England. ï‚ § The structure of penicillin is a nucleus consisting of a beta-lactam ring (4 membered cyclic amide) and a side chain. The beta-lactam ring is necessaryRead MoreThe Advent of Penicillin Essay675 Words   |  3 PagesThe Advent of Penicillin The advent of penicillin forever changed the world of medicine at its discovery with its ability to treat diseases, deadly at the time, that are now considered commonplace and easily treatable. Penicillin was one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century, as antibiotics are one of the most highly prescribed drugs in the world today. Although its discovery is often described as serendipitous, the process by which it was cultivated was quite meticulous, andRead MoreEssay on The Discovery of Penicillin897 Words   |  4 Pages Penicillin was first noticed in 1896, by Ernest Duchesne. Thirty-two years later Alexander Fleming noticed it as well, when he was working at St. Mary’s Hospital which is located in London. He observed that when bacteria had become contaminated by, Penicillium fungi, the bacteria nearest to the mold had started to die. In 1929, he named the substance Penicillin and he released his observations he had done through his investigations. He th ought that maybe his investigations could be beneficialRead MoreStaphylococcus Aureus : A Type Of Penicillin1302 Words   |  6 Pages(PHAC 2012) A different strain of this bacterium called MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a bigger problem because it is unaffected by a type of penicillin, Methicillin. The first known sighting this particular resistant strain was first documented in 1961 by British scientists in England. (NiAID NIH 2008) Penicillin is used to create antibiotics because it in a way interferes with the cell wall of the strain and weakens it causing it to loose structure and die. By a strain becomingRead MoreAlexander Fleming: The Discovery of Penicillin1884 Words   |  8 Pagesdays but also in the world today. We have the medicines and antibiotics that we have today because of Alexander Fleming. His discovery was much needed in the world and I hate to think where we would be in the medicine world if he hadn’t discovered penicillin. Alexander Fleming was born on August 6, 1881 in Darvel, Ayrshire, Scotland. He was born on Lochfield Farm, which was his family’s farm. Alex was the seventh of eight children. He was the third child born to his father’s second wife. With his upbringingRead MorePenicillin Allergy And Its Effects On The Cost Of Medical Care Of Patients With Unconfirmed Penicillin Allergies1843 Words   |  8 PagesAbstract: Penicillin is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics and is first line treatment for many infectious diseases. In the United States, penicillin allergies are the most commonly reported medication allergy. (1) Which limits the treatment options healthcare providers can use to treat patients with self-reported penicillin allergies and often prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics that have a higher risk of side effects. Many studies have shown that less than 1% of the population haveRead MoreFleming And His Amazing Discovery Of Penicillin1453 Words   |  6 Pages Fleming and His Amazing Discovery of Penicillin BIOL 1010 Professor: James Cheetham Student: Hyun Hong 100831589 October 6th, 2015 Biotechnology has a long history of helping human beings have a better quality of life. Over the decades, numerous scientists have made substantial contributions to biotechnology. Among these scientists, I think Alexander Fleming made the greatest contributions. In this paper, I will explain how Alexander Fleming made significant contribution toRead MoreWhy The Discovery Of Penicillin Is A Game Changer1596 Words   |  7 Pagesthe discovery of Penicillin in September of 1921 at his laboratory in St Mary’s Hospital. Fleming is the father of modern day antibiotics because of his outstanding work as a bacteriologist. Had it not been for his amazing discovery of penicillin the world would be a much scarier place for modern man. In this paper I will prove beyond all doubt that Fleming deserves this award for his contributions in the advancement of biotechnology. I will explain why the discovery of penicillin is a game changer

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You Know That Child On The Playground - 994 Words

You know that child on the playground. The one with the really sweet personality, that gets along with everyone? I was that child. When I was little, my mother would take me to work with her. She would joke around that I was really everybody’s child because I did not have stranger wariness. I was never considered shy or timid. I was pretty confident with my abilities and never really cared what others thought of me. However, throughout my life I began to focus more on the opinions of others rather than my own. I became sculpting clay in the hands of my peers, my family, and above all my own conscious mind. My first alteration came when I was in sixth grade and came in the form of an 80 pound boy named, Jacob Contos. One day our teacher, Mrs. Smith said â€Å"The day isn’t over until the fat lady sings.† Jacob then replied, â€Å"Ollecka, start singing.† My face turned pale white and I bolted out of the room. I had never considered myself to be any different from anybody else until that day. Sure, I was bigger than most people my age, but I never considered myself to be fat. That scene continued over and over in my head for the rest of the day, months, and year of sixth grade. My cognitive thinking and behaviorisms both were altered because of one small thing one of my peers said. I began to think, why is this happening to me? Why do I have to be the one who struggles with weight issues and why am I the one being bullied because of it. My mind turned to thoughts of that the worldShow MoreRelatedWhat Is A Fairy Story?1294 Words   |  6 PagesSoon, Seth caught sight of Kayla again, she was now at the playgrounds highest point, what appeared to mimic a castle tower equipped with a pointed roof. An identical tower stood a little more than a dozen or so yards over to the left, and a walking bridge spanned the two. Kayla moved from the tower on Seth’s right to the one on the left, her footfalls tapping on the metallic bridge as she scurried. Once inside the second tower, Seth saw Kayla peer down at the grounds below as if searching forRead MoreP4, M3 And D21538 Words   |  7 PagesSCENARIO 1 A student has slipped on the playground is now on the floor in pain. What is the procedure to follow? Safety plays an important role in schools and colleges which ensure pupils and students’ safety has been part of ethical framework for decades. As much as the schools and colleges do to minimize the risks of all things happening to pupils and students, some things can’t be minimised for example with scenario 1, the students slipping in a playground. I am going to be looking at how to respondRead MoreA Study On Child Development Essay1715 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Observing a child will increase the knowledge on how child react in different situations; also, comparing to other cases, there might be some similarities, but there must be differences. In these observations, we are focused on the social relationships, reactions, language, and emotion. Based on what we have learned in the class, I know children a bit more than usual. Some children might be more mature than their ages, but some children might not be on their ages yet. For example, askingRead MoreBuilding A Good Relationship With Someone Some Points1171 Words   |  5 Pagesand there is clear respect between us. Remembering personal things about someone is important. Just like the little girl I mention in question 5. Her father had been away I remembered our conversation the previous week. I looked for her in the playground and asked her if he was back if theyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬TMd done the things she said she was hoping to do. Her little face lit up and said à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ÃŒÆ'yes heà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬TMs home and we had a big hug and we went swimming the same dayà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬TM. She then went on to tell me all the thingsRead MoreLetter to a Playground Bully by Andrea Gibson1137 Words   |  5 Pages Andrea Gibson’s’ poem ‘Letter to the Playground Bully’ is an unforgettable poem about bullying. She cleverly crafts a poem from the perspective of an 8 and a half year old girl who is trying to confront the playground bully through a letter. The poem’s sole purpose is to expose the hardships and reality for victims of bullying. She achieves this by making the speaker a younger version of herself. She wrote this poem in order to perform in front of high school and elementary school studentsRead MoreHealth and Safety of Children and Young People1508 Words   |  7 Pagesthe alarm. Teacher/LSA s should collect the register quickly before getting the children to line up sensibly and quietly. The adult should then escort the children to the assigned safety area, for example, the playground. This is where you should take the register to make sure every child marked in, for that day, is present. Everyone should remain quiet and still, until given the a ll clear to re-enter the building. The Fire Drill policy is made clear to anyone who enters the school building, asRead MoreAnalysis Of Sunday On The Park By Bel Kaufman Essay1478 Words   |  6 Pagesdid they know this Sunday would show their happy families true colors. The other little boy in the sandbox stood up and quickly threw a handful of sand towards Larry just missing his head. Larry continued playing as if it didn’t bother him while it bothered the mother more than anyone. The boy who threw sands name is Joe, a rather heavyset boy, spitting image of his father. Joe’s father doesn’t think his child is acting out of character, he tells Joe, â€Å"You go right ahead, Joe. Throw all you want.†Read MoreBullying And Bullying At School983 Words   |  4 Pagesand I would discuss bullying with my parents I always told â€Å"You never let anyone bully you or put their hands on you†. It was a common in my society to hear the statement â€Å"If someone hits you then you hit them back†. Now that I am a mother the thought of those statements still come to mind, when speaking to my children about bullying at school. In today’s society what we know and understand as bullying does not require a school or playground, these actions take place right in your own home. CyberbullyingRead MoreA Head Start Preschool Room1266 Words   |  6 Pagesobserved in a Head Start Preschool Room at sheldon Preschool, there were 17 children to tal, 10 girls and 7 boys and the age range was 3 and 4 year olds, within this classroom there was 1 Head teacher, 1 Assistant teacher and 2 interventionist. When you walked into the room there was an open space where the 3 tables were and then toward the back of the room there was a carpet area, block area, housekeeping area, puzzle area, and computer area. There are many materials within the small area, the roomRead MoreEvaluation Of A Supervisor At The Royalton Map Program1277 Words   |  6 PagesAs a supervisor at the Royalton MAP program, a before and after school child care program offered through the Elementary school, I see multitudes of different kids: kids who interact well with others, with a small group of friends, with one single friend, those who choose not to interact at all, and those who do not know to interact appropriately with others. Managing these different kinds of kids can be very difficult. It requires an understanding from me as to why they play with the s tudents they

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Question: Discuss About The Resonance Macro Micro Mechanics Petroleum? Answer: Introduction The United Arab Emirates is one of the leading oil and gas reservoirs in the world. The country is the worlds sixth largest oil producer and is the second largest producer of petroleum according to Organization of petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) (Kulkarni, 2016). These ranking marketing the use of Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods essential. The country has high potential and prospects of future oil discoveries. Currently, the oil discoveries are low and UAE will have to rely on EOR will be important to enhance the oil productions. Currently, the UAE government has plans to expand the production by 30% by 2020. UAEs target makes this project crucial to ensure that the country meets its agendas. This can be achieved by the use of proper EOR methods such as foam injection (Donaldson, 2014). Although an expensive method for oil exploration and production, EOR will offer future of UAE oils production sector. UAE has high potential of oil production and investing on proper producti on methods will ensure that its ranking increases. Foam injection has been employed for oil production and has proven to be an advantageous in the control of mobility of gas through porous medium. In addition, foam injection has been effective in reducing effects through tunneling, fingering and gravity segregation methods by reducing the displacement of fluid mobility (Gogoi, 2014). The use of foam injection method will help in lowering the operational expenditure and be able to extend the lifespan of producing fields in the long-run. Moreover, foam injection is a key method to enhance efficient mobilizing oil where gas sweeps. This is achieved where poor volumetric efficiencies are experienced due to gravity segregation, viscous instability and heterogeneity. Foam inject is a key method is important to enhance oil recovery process for the reservoir (Ganiev, Ganiev Ukrainsky, 2017). This will be a key milestone for the UAEs oil reservoir and achieve the different targets for the future of oil industry. In conducting this research, static modeling software will be used to analyze the physical properties of reservoirs. This software will be able to mimic the foam injection process and show the effectiveness of using the process in oil production. In addition, the research will be able to analyze the field oil recovery, cumulative oil recovery, gas oil ratio, and production rates over the years. This will be analyzed on the state at which foam injection is being used and how beneficial the method is to UAE. Details show that more oil recovery has been achieved when foam injection methods are used as compared to others such as gas flooding. Moreover, this research will look at the economic analysis of UAE employing the foam injection method to enhance its oil production. Lastly, the study will analyze the foam injection using a combination of experimental, mathematical and numerical approaches to address issues such as oil recovery and enhanced/improved recovery. This research and the ongoing research have common lines since they focus on enhanced oil recovery (EOR) which is essential. My decision to focus on enhanced oil recovery as a taught student and to explore research has equipped me with a unique set of strengths to offer this program. Therefore, I highly believe that I can continue my study in Khalifa University to the higher level of achievement to find many ways succeed the need of energy in the future References Donaldson, E. C. (n.d.). (2014). Enhanced oil recovery. Amsterdam [u.a.]: Elsevier. Ganiev, O. R., Ganiev, R. F., Ukrainsky, L.civil-engineering. (2017). Enhanced oil recovery: Resonance macro-and micro-mechanics of petroleum reservoirs. Hoboken, New Jersey : Scrivener Publishing. Gogoi, economics. (2014). Petroleum technology: Enhanced oil recovery techniques. New Delhi: Oxford IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd. Kulkarni, B. (2016). Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies. S.L.: Scitus Academics Llc.